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Today 40% of all searches return video results.  It is engaging, viral and available 24/7.  Internet video marketing allows you to professionally communicate your value proposition, build brand equity in your market space and provides a powerful story telling medium.   It allows you to demonstrate your thought leadership or know how to earn trust with your prospects by providing timely and relevant information.  According to Neilson, overall recall of online video is very high, 69%.  And, 63% of business professionals access online video at least once a week.  A web video with emotionally compelling content can keep your viewer engaged longer.

Search engines are now favoring online video and are increasingly ranked in first page search results.  It should not go unnoticed that Google owns YouTube. Video can be used multi-purposed across various channels including email marketing campaigns, custom video channels, e-commerce and social media marketing and on your Web site for customer testimonials, to demonstrate how your products or services work, or to educate your customers with timely or insightful information. 

EricksonGroce|Agency has professionals that can help you create your video and can ensure SEO optimization and online distribution.

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