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Mobile Optimized Web sites / Mobile Web Apps

If your Web site is not displaying properly on mobile devices such as phones and tablets, you are missing out on a large and quickly growing customer segment. At EricksonGroce|Agency, we can design your Web site to layout properly on mobile devices.  We will ensure that your Web site will create a positive user experience that will be sure to impress your site visitors.  Using the latest technologies, EricksonGroce specialists can design your Web site so it will detect what type of device the user is on and display the Web site correctly for that device.  Don’t wait; redesign your Web site today so the mobile revolution does not pass you by! 

The primary characteristic that distinguishes a mobile web app from a standard website is that it is designed for the smaller handheld display and touch-screen interface. Like most websites, mobile web apps display content, images and data. They can also contain mobile-specific features such as mapping a location or dialing a telephone number. A mobile web app basically contains some of the content that would be found on a normal version of a website but it’s been optimized to be accessed solely by a mobile device and usually for a specific purpose. A mobile web app is a website which is designed and optimized to perform a set of functions and it formats and optimizes the graphics of that website to perform that function. The same base code can be used to support all mobile devices which ensures cross platform compatibility.

Mobile website development is considerably more time and cost-effective than development of a native mobile app. But there are circumstances where a native mobile app is the most appropriate choice, particularly where user experience is of the utmost importance. 

There is evidence to suggest that browser based mobile web apps will grow faster than the native app market; which may bode well for a short term strategy.  But, I would definitely keep an eye on the market and keep pace with native mobile apps for a long term strategy. Having an expert evaluate your business needs and goals would be the wisest first move in deciding which is best for your business today and to plan a long term mobile strategy.   EricksonGroce|Agency has the experts on staff waiting to advise you.

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