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Web Analytics/Metrics

An integral part of internet marketing is tracking your success.  What is working and what is not.  What part of the Web site should we be focusing on improving?  What are our site visitors interested in?  Are we really capturing the attention of our site visitors?  In traditional marketing, answers to these questions were often guessed at.  The internet is an entirely different story.  At EricksonGroce\Agency, we track and analyze every section of every Web site that we build.  We are able to monitor real-time results of every visit to the Web site.  We are not only able to provide information such as how many people have visited your site but, also important details such as which browser or which device visitors are using to view your site. 

In order to succeed in the online space, many companies today are deploying a combination of methods to achieve their marketing goals.  The effects of site optimization, paid placement, paid inclusions, e-mail marketing, banner advertising, etc., all need to be measured and analyzed to ensure you are getting the highest return on investment possible.  The competitive and ever changing digital online space demands better web analytics and better business information.  This gives your business the ability to personalize your response to the market exactly the way that will accomplish your marketing goals.  Call us today. EricksonGroce|Agency has experts that can help.

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