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Search Engine Optimization

Search engines have become the way that most people find goods and services today.  Being well-placed in the search results is critical to people visiting your web site.  The name of the game today is to get people to your site and profit from it.   This is perhaps the most important part of a web site marketing strategy.  Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of modifying the pages of your Web site in an effort to perform better and be more appealing to the leading search engines and therefore more likely to rank well within the search results.  If you are not in the top 100 listings, no one will find you.  If you are not in the top 25, you are probably losing business.

Each search engine has its own unique ranking criteria for determining where your Web site will appear for any given search.  Search Engine Marketing or SEM refers to a variety of strategies that are employed to promote your Web site on the internet and within the various search engines; including the process of building inbound links, directory submissions, internet branding, pay per click and social media marketing to name a few.

Search Engine Optimization can be split into two sections:

On-Site SEO

  • On-Site SEO is everything that we can do in the code of your actual Web site that lets search engines know what your webpage is about so that you can achieve higher ranking

Off-Site SEO

  • Off-Site SEO or off-page SEO refers to search engine optimization techniques that are not performed on your Web site or page, and are therefore “off-site”.  These techniques will increase your ranking in search engines and therefore allow you to be listed ahead of other similar sites resulting from a search request.

With hundreds of sites coming online daily, it’s hard to stay in the top listings.  The key to ongoing success in the internet marketing world is to implement and regularly monitor your SEO results.  If you are not implementing SEO monthly you can be wiped off the top listing results.  This means lost traffic to your site and most likely, lost sales.  At EricksonGroce|Agency, we know how to set up SEO and develop a SEM campaign that produces measurable results.  The job of any reputable search engine optimization firm is to understand the latest criteria for producing maximum results and improving search engine results placement.  They must deploy each optimization campaign in a way that is both effective and ethical.  Every web site we build for a client includes recommendations for on-going search engine optimization and a search engine marketing campaign.  Let EricksonGroce|Agency help you succeed in the world of online marketing.

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