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Mobile Marketing

More and more consumers are using smart phones and tablets.  For the first time, smartphone shipments outnumbered personal computer shipments in 2012.  It is estimated that by next year, more searches will be conducted on a mobile device than on a computer.  Let’s face it, with cloud computing, desktop computers in the home are quickly being traded for the latest mobile devices.

Interaction with content has also changed greatly over the past year with the rising use of social networking, mobile applications and video. People take pictures, send text messages and use the internet more than ever. Mobile hand-held devices outpace all other forms of communication for accessing breaking news, including computers, television and newspapers.

Consumers have come to expect consistency and ease of use in both their desktop and mobile devices.  We continually transmit data about ourselves whether we know it or not. Currently, few advertisers are actually taking advantage of some of the opportunities available through mobile marketing, and many are unaware of mobile’s potential to engage audiences.

There are several tools available today to assess your current performance and the potential mobile audience for your business. It’s important to understand what percentage of existing traffic is coming from mobile devices today?  How does this compare to previous years?  How do you compare with others in your vertical marketplace?  How do mobile visitors differ in their onsite behavior?  Understanding these dynamics of the mobile user as it relates to your business is a necessary first step.

Next, as a best practice, it is important to understand the need to completely separate your desktop and mobile marketing campaigns.  You should use different ads and separate campaigns.  Keyword selection is different from standard searches on mobile devices.  It is best to create mobile friendly ad messaging and to use functionality in your marketing messages.  Functionality includes convenience options such as “click to call” that dials a phone number or “click to locate” that provides directions and a map.   Successful mobile marketing must include analytics, dedicated keyword research and optimized landing pages for various devices.

EricksonGroce|Agency has the technical marketing skillset to help you prepare for this latest method of Internet searching and the positive impact targeted mobile marketing campaigns can have on your business.

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