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E-mail Blasts

E-Mail Blast is the process of contacting a large number of potential customers through e-mail.  You can think of business e-mail blasts as the online equivalent of Direct Mail.  However, one of the unique advantages is the fact that we can personalize every single e-mail that is sent out and automate the entire process.  There are many ways in which EricksonGroce|Agency uses E-Mail Blast marketing.  We can court potential customers by sending them regular e-mails which promote your products and brand.  E-mail marketing can also be used to increase sales from existing customers by increasing repeat sales.  We will send regular e-mails to your existing customer base offering “Opt-in Offers” for new products, discounts, promotions and sale items, etc. ensuring that your product and brand have top of mine recall.  We also use E-Blast/Direct Marketing to conduct surveys to gain insight into your product line or marketing strategy.  EricksonGroce|Agency will help you through the whole process of creating an effective e-mail marketing campaign that tracks the success of the campaigns.

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