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Media Campaigns

Our senior consultants at EricksonGroce|Agency have been developing and executing successful media campaigns for over 30 years.  To develop a successful media campaign, it is important to understand and plan several key components of the strategy.  Who is your target audience, how should you choose the coverage area, what are the critical timing elements of the campaign, what should the reach and frequency be for maximum ROI, what are the media habits of your industry and what is the best media mix for your campaign.  There are logical steps in the process that need to be flawlessly executed for maximum success.

The main objectives we recommend to our clients for successful media campaigns are to utilize media that will generate brand or product awareness.  We recommend providing the frequency of message required to increase phone calls or web site visits.  We also recommend utilizing media that will enhance brand image by association and most importantly, always stimulate immediate action.  Let EricksonGroce help you with your next campaign.  We know how create a plan that accomplishes your goals.

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