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Direct Mail

Direct mail is the still most heavily used direct marketing medium, and its popularity continues to grow despite postage increases. The mail is the third largest advertising medium because it can be directed to a specific target audience and sent cheaply using bulk mailing rates.  Direct mail is a particularly attractive option for small business owners, as it can communicate a lot of information about a product or service and can reach almost any conceivable target group for a relatively low cost.

Owners of start-up businesses may find direct mail an effective method of creating awareness and interest in a new product, while owners of existing companies may find it useful for generating new business outside of their customer base or geographic area.  The largest single expense of direct mailing is postage, and can account for one-third of the total cost of a direct mail campaign. Other costs include designing, writing, printing and packing the mailing, and buying mail lists. A four-color postcard is the simplest and most common form of direct marketing and is also the least expensive to mail.

EricksonGroce|Agency often recommends a combination of print, direct mail combined with an internet, e-mail blast.  A combined approach to direct mail campaigns often reaches a diverse age group and creates a multiple touch to your marketing strategy. 

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