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Using Google Analytics to Monitor Your Marketing Campaign

Google Analytics is an excellent way to track your online success. Review of Google Analytics reports will have a major impact on the success of your site. It’s a comprehensive reporting tool that allows site owners to gather data about website visitors. This data is very important when designing websites because it provides facts about how many visitors the website has, how many page views, the bounce rate, average time on site, traffic sources overview, what pages are most visited and much more.

Google Analytics reporting tool includes the following and more:

  • Visits Report-The number of website visits is extremely significant particularly when you are tracking SEO results. One way to improve traffic is to optimize the website for search engines.
  • Bounce Rate Report-Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors that once they landed to the website they will not browse it or view additional pages. A high bounce rate may mean that your website design doesn’t work or the information is not presented properly. An exception to this is that depending on the content flow of your site, a high bounce rate may be expected if a user finds exactly what they are looking for and converts to a lead or a sale. However, if the website fails to attract and engage visitors, they will not find anything that catches their attention and will move on. In this case, the bounce rate is not positive and necessary changes should be made to your site.
  • Average Time on Site Report-Finding a balance between the amount of information and effectively delivering the website message is the key when designing a website. In an ideal world, visitors will read everything the website offers, but in the real world they will just scan the page to find things that get their attention. The usual average time on site is 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Traffic Sources Overview Report-This report explains where web traffic is coming from. Visitors may come by typing the website URL to their browser, by links to the site or from search engines results. If search engine traffic is really low, redesigning and optimizing the website will help.
  • Content Overview Report-This report provides information about what pages have the most page views. For example, if the home page gets the most traffic that page should be enhanced to further attract visitors. Vice-versa, if one of the pages doesn’t get much traffic, it means that visitors are not interested in clicking on it. Changes to the low traffic page may be of help.

Heat Map, In-Page-Analytics, Google AnalyticsGoogle has a feature in their Analytics software called In-Page Analytics. As the name suggests, In-Page Analytics will display heat map click reports for content. It will show which content the users are clicking on. This feature will definitely help webmasters to understand their users and make changes to their content accordingly.

In addition to telling you where users are clicking, the In-Page Analytics also gives you both, graphically and statistically, what people are clicking on while they’re on a web page. This feature offers detailed analysis about the number of clicks, goals, etc. This is definitely a useful feature for webmasters to understand which areas of their website are underperforming and make changes accordingly.  It is very helpful in designing and laying out your pages. 

Google's Analytics is an excellent way to track your online success and a must for every successful web site.  Of even more importance is having an expert in SEO review your Google Analytics reports on a regular and ongoing basis. They will be qualified to offer input and suggestions on improving your website activity. With this information, as a successful business owner you will be armed with the information and support you need to have your website be the best and most effective that it can be. Your Google Analytics review should be part of a monthly monitoring strategy to analyze your sites success and to continually make changes and adjustments to ensure high placement in search engines.  Choosing an excellent and expert company that offers this monthly monitoring service, such as EricksonGroce|Agency, will ensure your sites’ success.

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