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3 Reasons You MUST Invest in Search Engine Optimization

1. Acquisition Cost

Let’s face it, the reason why you advertise is so that you can drive people in your doors or get them to call you. Search Engine Optimization achieves these goals very effectively.  Once you realize the lower acquisition costs of new clients from Search Engine Optimization as compared to traditional advertising, you will never go back.

Let’s take a moment and talk about the acquisition cost of a client. Have you spent the time to track exactly what it costs for you to gain a client from various advertising campaigns? Without this number, it is impossible to know which advertising is working for you and which isn’t.  Search traffic and conversion can be monitored and tracked in real time. The benefit of this is that you can respond to the numbers and be sure that you are advertising effectively and your dollars are being well spent.

2. Leverage Access to Millions of People

Millions of people get on the Internet EVERY DAY and 93% of those people begin their online experience with a search engine.

More than 60% of the people, who arrive at a search engine result page, click on one of the top 3 organic listings. I know that I threw in some pretty weird terms there. Organic listings makes up the bulk of a search engine result page (SERP) and do not cost the business any money when someone clicks on the listing.  However, usually, the very top 3 listings and the ads on the side are paid for by the business each time someone clicks on the listing.  They are not “organic” links but are paid advertising.

There are millions of people that are logging into the Internet following this exact flow:  “Someone goes to their computer, sits down, opens the internet, goes to , types in some term, clicks on one of the top 3 links, goes back to the results page, clicks on another of the top 3 links, finds something attractive and takes some action OR finds something unattractive and types in a new keyword. People seldom go beyond the first page of listings before they type in a new keyword search.

This process is repeated over and over and over again millions of times EVERY day. If you can achieve ranking in these listings, your business will benefit from this process, if you are on the 10thpage of the listing, people will never find your site and obviously, never visit your site using this process.

You MUST leverage this access to millions of people using this process every day! Your potential customers are there, so you should be too!

3. Search Engine Optimization is an Investment.

I want to talk about Search Engine Optimization as an investment.  In order to do this, let’s relate it to a house as an investment. If you buy a house that needs some work done, you probably bought the house at a discounted price because it was a bit run down. You know that if you fix a few things about it, it will be more valuable. When you spend the money to fix that house, it is not money that you are throwing away, because you needed to spend that money to make the house worth more. A website is the same way. A website is an asset to a business that can work hard 24/7 for its owner. When you invest in the proper marketing system for that site, the site becomes more valuable. Every single dollar that you spend on marketing that site with Search Engine Optimization makes the site that much stronger. The work that you are building into the site is on the site permanently in most cases and it builds stronger and stronger with each new thing that you do. When you run an ad in the newspaper, you are spending money that benefits you only for the time the ad runs. But, when you spend money in Search Engine Optimization, you are spending money that will continue to work for you over time.

If you would like to begin your journey of Search Engine Optimization, give us a call. We will help, educate, and guide you to get the best results possible from your internet marketing experience.

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